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Football Team photograph, ca. 1910, Excellent condition with one small tear at the foot of Stanley Gingery.

Size: 53/4" x 83/4"

Names on back:

Top Row: (l to r) Ass't Coach Elder, George Imperio, Filmore Bun, Ralph Schad, Bob Schuler, Bus Baily, Lester Hunter, Claude Watts, Georg Culler, Philip Premisich, Stanley Gingery. Second Row: Harold Elder, Fred Ferguson, Paul Wilmore, Capt. Chester Frickman, Vito Pisano, George Percy, Homer McFaddin. Third Row: Neil Ruhl, Mark McElroy, Charles smith, Alan Griffin, Charles Snyder, Schiadler.

Price: SOLD S&H:

Girls Basketball Team photograph , Dated 1921. No names.

Size: 61/4" x 83/8", Excellent condition

Price: $50.00 S&H: $6.00

Image 1. Framed and matted albumen photograph of a Rugby Team dated 1889 and autographed. Back row left to right: P. Marshall, G.C. Sherman, J.S. Lorell, F. dew Lushington (?), A.H. Clayton, S.H. Clark. Middle row left to right: A.S. Ofwick (?), CB C. Storeg(?), W. Wotherspoon, J.W. Bowhill (Captain), Jackson, C.D. Maggridge. Front row left to right: W.G. Pitts-Tucker, W. Cope, H. Philbriak. We attempted to identify all player from signatures, some mistake possible. Visible photograph image measures 9" H x 101/2" W. Overall frame size @15" H x 191/2" W. Photograph is in good shape with two minor creases which do not distract from the image.
PRICE: $200.00 S&H: $15.00
Image 1. Framed albumen photograph of a cricket team ca. 1890's. Image size 8" H x 10" W. Oak frame measures @18" H x 20"W. Photograph has some minor damage to image just below player on front row.
PRICE: $125.00 S&H: $15.00
Image 1. Framed albumen photograph of the "Darrawella Pongul Tennis Meet 1891" in excellent condition. Photograph measures 9" H x 11" W and shows some early tennis rackets. Frame measures 151/2" H x 20" W.
PRICE: $175.00 S&H: $15.00
Set of three framed and matted early horse racing steeplechase photographs imprinted "Hemmenk". Images size @111/2" H x 30" W and the frame measures @20" H x 38" W.

Photographs came from the Brooke Johns estate in Maryland. Brooke Johns was one of the great stars of vaudeville and played banjo with the Ziegfield Follies in the 1920's. In the 1950's Brooke Johns had his own family entertainment television show on WRC-TV channel 4 in Washington, D.C. Mr. Johns was also involved with the Maryland horse scene, developed the Brooke Manor Country Club (now a housing development), and entertained a number of important politicians including The President of the U.S.A. at the Johns' estate in Olney, Maryland.

Image 1. Image 2. Photograph 1: "The Harbor Hill Cup at Belmont Park 1905", with the following horse from left to right: Delcanta, Campo, The Doctor, Herculios, and The Lad. Photograph is in excellent condition with no noticeable stains.
Image 1. Image 2. Photograph 2: "Great National 1905", with the following horses from left to right: Gascar, Aria, Dromedary, Flying Buttress, Hylas, Mackay Dwyer, Ivan, and Ogress. Photograph is good condition with some stains on mat.
Image1.Image2.Photograph 3: "Rockaway Cup Sheepshead Bay 1905" with the following horses from right to left: Tellfare, Snuff, Knight of Elway, Red White & Blue, and Game Cock. Photograph and mat both have signs of stains.
PRICE: $400.00 S&H: To be determine and paid by purchaser. (Estimate @$40.00)
Image: Winner Circle Photograph: "First Winner For Ronald J. Franklin", Feb. 4, 1978 on "Pioneer Patty", distance 7 furlongs in 1:25.2 at Bowie, Md. Trainer: Grover G. Delp, Owner: Joseph A. Totino.
PRICE: $20.00 S&H: $4.00
Image: Winner Circle Photograph: "The USF & G Maryland Lassie", $100,000 Guaranteed on Sept. 9, 1990 with "Ameri Allen", distance 6 furlongs in 1:13.2 at Pimlico Race Track with A. Delgado up. Trainer: John J. Robb, Owner: Hal C. B. Clagett.
PRICE: $15.00 S&H: $4.00
Image 1-Baseball."The Record of the Class of 1896". College yearbook for University of Pennsylvania contains over 258 pages of information about the university and many photographs including the following sports photographs. Great way to get old sports photographs at a very reasonable price. Also has over 60 pages of statistics and advertising some with interesting graphics ranging from portable striking bag (boxing) , bicycles, pianos, Cramp's ship yard, etc.Image Varsity Base-Ball Team, 1896: Team members Middleton, Darte, Wunder, Cantlin, O'Donnell, Jackson, Holloway, Blakely (Capt.), Wilhelm, Grey, Voight, Tracy, Hoeffer, and Johnson.Image Varsity Crew, 1895: Team members Bull (Capt.), Minds, Hancock, Jack, Farrar, Woodruff, Beck Peterson, Tismer, and Perkins (coxswain).Image Varsity Foot-Ball Team: Team members Boyle, Farrar, Wharton, Dickson, Wagonhurst, Woodruff, Bull, Minds, Brooke, Gelbert, Williams (Capt.), Off, and Blair.
PRICE: $150.00 S&H: $8.00
Image 1-Baseball."The Kynewisbok" The University of Denver, 1903, Volume V. Yearbook has 190 pages of information and photographs and 11 pages of advertising. Base-Ball team members are Hume, Powers, Roberts, Brown, Veatch, Wycoff (Capt.), Alter, Stuart, Diaz, Carnes, Scott, and Cuthbert.Image Varsity Foot-Ball Team: Team members are Alter, Martin, Mitchell, McDonald, Carnes, Leland, Buell, Stuart, Smock, Morse, Porter, Hornbeck, Neil, Veatch, and Daniels (mgr).Image Women Basket-Ball Club: Club members include Stevens, Strawbridge, Bessie Wilson, Mae Wilson, Boyd, Bessie McKay, Lulu Glockner, Blanche McKay, Grace Twombly, Bonnett, Short, McClung, Gregory, Easton, Metcalf, and Wallace.
PRICE: $80.00 S&H: $8.00
Image 1-Baseball."The Kynewisbok" The University of Denver, 1904, Volume VI. Yearbook has 272 pages of information and photographs. Base-Ball team members are Strickland, Coach Griffth, Brannan, Carnes, Jones, Liiard, Stover, Hemphill, Rickle, Pate, N. Roberts, Sinton, T. Staurt, and Shaw.Image Varsity Foot-Ball Team: Team members are Alter, Bulkeley, Carnes, Drysdale, Hills, Jones, Lee, Lillard, Martin, Morse, Mitchell, Pate, N. Roberts, Z. Roberts, T. Staurt, Spain, Smock, Sinton, Stephenson, Taylor, Vetch, and Warwick.
PRICE: $80.00 S&H: $8.00
Image 1-Baseball."The Kynewisbok" The University of Denver, 1900, Volume II. Yearbook has 164 pages of information, photographs and advertising. Some pages are separating from binder. Base-Ball team members are L.P. Hills (p), Captain, J.S. McCleery, Manager, E.L. Powers(c), D.W. Strickland (1b), Joe Narrin (2b), G.H. Mann (3b), F.G. Stevens (ss), W.G. Plested (rf), H.B. Bush (lf),and F.F. Walpole (cf).Image Varsity Foot-Ball Team: Team members are W.G. Plested (re), Captain, C.F. Carnine, Manager, E>L> Powers (rh), P.D. Rader (f), L.P. Hills (lh), F.G. Stevens (q), R.M. Albright (c), F.B. Russel (rg), P.D. Berdel (rt), I.L. Thurston (lg), J.S. Stephenson (lt), and H.B. Bush (le).Image Varsity Foot-Ball Team:
PRICE: $90.00 S&H: $8.00
Image 1-Baseball."The Olio", Amherst College, Dec. 1904, Volume XLIX, Published by the Class of 1906. Yearbook has 261 pages of information, photographs and 17 pages of advertising. The yearbook has ten sports team photographs. Teams that are pictured include track, relay, football, two baseball, two basketball, tennis, golf, and gym team. Base-Ball team members are R.C. Amidon (c), J.H. Kelliher (2b), E.W. Broder (asst. manager), A.M. Storke (p,c), D.H. Newell (p,rf), L.C. Allaire (p,rf), J.B. Shay (Captain), R.W. Wheeler (cf), H.B. Chase (3b), P.D. Storke (manager).E.E. Orrell (p), E.A. McRae (rf), R.C. Powell (lf), and H.T. Beach (ss).Image 1904 Varsity Basketball Team: Team members are Anderson, Beach, Kelliher, Rounsville, Patch, McRae, Turner, Crawford, and Orrell. Image Tennis Team: | Image Golf Team:
PRICE: $100.00 S&H: $8.00
Image 1-Baseball."The '95 Bowdoin Bugle", Bowdoin College, 1894, Volume XLIX, Published by the Junior Class. Yearbook has 183 pages of information, limited photograph, and 42 pages of advertising. The yearbook has five sports team photographs. Teams that are pictured include two football, baseball, track, and crew. Base-Ball team members are Allen (c), Plaisted (p), Savage (1b), Sykes (2b), Fairbanks (3b), Hutchinson (ss), Hinkley (lf), Chapman (cf), Williams (rf), and substitutes Leighton and Farrington.Image 1894 Varsity Foot-Ball Team: Grant chose Bowdoin College Trustee Hon. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, L.L.D. to receive the formal surrender of weapons and colors from Robert E. Lee's on 12 April 1865. He also was the President of the college. The yearbook also comes with Commencement schedule from the class of 1895. Listed in the freshman class of 1898 was Admiral Donald Baxter McMillan (or MacMillan) a famous arctic explorer. Another famous arcitc explorer to graduate from Bowdoin College was Admiral Robert E. Peary.

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