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Payment by Check or Cash

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The Four Winds Collection staff will call or email you back to confirm your order. All questions concerning availability of items will be answered promptly. When confirmation of the order is received. You can now charge your order. We have made the credit card order page password protected to prevent unauthorized orders.

Send Payment to: Four Winds Collection (New Address)

P.O. Box 404
Monrovia, Maryland 21770-0404

Four Winds Contact Information

email to: Four Winds Collection

Pay to the Order of Four Winds Collection.
Money Orders or Personal Checks
Allow one additional week for personal checks to clear.

Electronic funds transfer available for International Orders. (fee $40.00)

PayPal Payment

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We also accept payment via PayPal. Our payment email is: fourwindscollection@yahoo.com or our new one 4windsweb@comcast.net

We No Longer are Accepting Credit Card Payment

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Credit Cards Payment - We have canceled Credit Card Payment (Use Paypal)

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