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Four Winds Collection experience what every dealer dreads and that is being robbed. The following photographs and list will show 47 piece of gold and sterling jewelry which was stolen from our shop space in Old Glory Antique Marketplace in Frederick, Maryland on 18 April 2013. The suspects broke into a locked showcase and made off with the jewelry during normal business hours. This is a current investigation so if you are approached by someone selling this jewelry please contact us so we can contact the officer doing the investigation.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Fox TV News Video June 12, 2013

Frederick News Post Article June 12, 2013

    List of Stolen Jewelry from Old Glory. Stolen Jewelry List

    jewelry photograph number 1

    jewelry photograph number 2

    jewelry photograph number 3

    jewelry photograph number 4

    jewelry photograph number 5

    jewelry photograph number 6

    jewelry photograph number 7

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